... of consumers spend most of their time on websites available in their mother tongue.

... say obtaining information in their language is more important than price.

... of the Fortune 500 have their content translated to reach more customers in markets they already compete in.

... of buyers are prepared to pay more for the product just because of the quality of the language.

For every dollar invested in translation, $25 are returned.



French is a global language

French is an official language in 29 independent nations, that’s over 220 million potential customers. On top of this, French is the second most widely learned foreign language in the world and is predicted by OIF to become the most widely spoken mother tongue in Europe by 2025 and the most widely spoken mother tongue in the world by 2050.

High-income markets speak French

Many European countries are considered high-income markets, and many European countries contain a lot of French-speaking citizens. Countries with large French-speaking populations like Belgium and Switzerland contribute massively to the growing economy of Europe. When you offer your content in French, you cater to European markets with a very high purchasing power. France and other French-speaking countries around the world account for about 20% of world goods trading – a significantly high number.

French is an official language of international organisations

French is a working language of the United Nations, as well as one of the three procedural languages of the European Union. French is also one of the working languages for other important global institutions, like UNESCO, NATO, FAO, UNICEF, OECD, IUCN, WTO, UCI, FIFA and ECOWAS to name but a few.


Entering any new international market is a huge step, and accurate translation is vital. Fluidity of the text and respect for the local language and culture are also key if you are to really connect with French speakers – who are notoriously very protective of their language.


Whether you’re translating your marketing material for a trade show, localising your website to engage with the French market, advertising your services to potential French clients – or everything in-between, I know how to help you succeed.